Meditative Self Development

Meditative work provides opportunity for self transformation leading to true inner freedom. People in prison can transform their experience by working with meditative exercises daily. APO provides written instruction for meditations and exercises that can be easily learned and practiced. These meditations and exercises clarify and focus thinking, harmonize feeling and strengthen willing.



Meditation brings my spirit, mind and body into a harmonious unity, without which I doubt I would be able to successfully deal with prison life. Ray, Brazoria, TX

I have started my daily meditation program. This is all new to me and I struggle a lot with finding that “quiet place” within at times. But when I do tune in, I feel spiritually strong… So I know the ancient teachings are very real. Everyone needs peace in their lives, thank you for helping me find mine. Louie, Corcoran, CA

I’m doing well due to the meditation exercises you gave me. It’s not easy to concentrate on these things, and not easy to do it everyday, but once you really try and not play with it or slack off, it begins to get easier. Before I did not have a calm mind, nor took the time to be aware of the kind of thoughts I had at all. I could not find myself sitting for any length of time. Now I tend to see more clearly since I’ve taken the time to follow your “self-development in the penitentiary program”. My mind and heart seem lighter and I thank you all for being there for me in my time of need. Without your program I probably would still be in seg. but now I’m one step away from population. With Love and Respect, Ray, Newtown, CT




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