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Publishing the APO Newsletter ‘Illuminating Anthroposophy’ is important because it creates cohesion among inmates and creates links with the larger community of individuals who are inspired by anthroposophy. The interpretation of the sometimes highly esoteric writings is no longer left to the understanding of the reading individual alone. Our newsletter also provides friends and supporters with updates about the program .

I l l u m i n a t i n g   A n t h r o p o s o p h y   A r c h i v e

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Volume 36 - Summer 2022
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Volume 25 - Spring 2016
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Volume 24 - Fall 2015
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Dear Society,
I’m a 24 year old
in Corcoran State Prison in CA. I’m currently in the hole for a major offense. I’ve been in the hole since December 28, 2005. I have never tried any type of religion or “spiritual enlightenment” or anything. I’ve always believed that the only meaning to life is death, nothing else. Therefore, I went through life not caring for myself and hating others. My main goal in life was to hurt others. I’m not a smart guy that uses big words but I know pain, strife, humiliation and I’ve never once in my life known love.... Today, I received your No. 1 
Newsletter (Spring 2003). Yes, it has been floating around in this unit for that long. 
I read it once but only understood parts of it. My second go around I could not read it all because my eyes were blurred from the tears that I was crying. I do not recall the last time I cried, must have been 12-13 years ago when my grandma died. That’s the last time I remembered. I’m not sure why I was crying but I’m sure it was from something I read......Why can’t I read it anymore? I try but my eyes fill with tears. It’s really scary how it happens but it has to be good because I’m smiling.
Have you ever went over a hill real fast? You know how your heart jumps? Well, I feel like that for some reason. Could you please send me whatever you can send 
me to point me where I should go in life? Also, it says something about a mentor? I’d like that if possible.
Please Help. Thanks Always, K.M.

I also received the newsletter, much to my enjoyment. It’s truly inspirational for one who looks to his immediate environment to find a few like minds and have like aspirations. To be able to turn to any page and find those, who in  similar circumstances also swim against the current, Trudging desperately through that narrow stream that guides us into the higher worlds.

Thank you. OK

Thank you for the books and for the current newsletter. Which when I read it, I was happily surprised to find my last letter published. I hope that my words can encourage others and bring healing to those in need; it feels good to be able to give something back to something noble and altruistic. I’ve always had to think about the (my) negative effects and their lasting implications, so, to see something that came from my heart, that is unselfish and good is healing for me. Thank you for allowing me that inner experience!

George, Leesburg, NJ

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